63-706††††††† Other Allegations


Allegations Received by Family Resource Centers (FRCís)

When a fraud allegation is received directly by the Family Resource Center (FRC), the person who is receiving the allegation must document the name and address of the person making the allegation (if he/she is willing to provide this information), case identifying information and content of the allegation. The documentation of the allegation will then be given to the FRC administration for assignment. Generally, any allegation of fraud will be investigated by the worker of record to the fullest extent possible for resolution and fully documented in the case narrative. If a worker has information about a case that is assigned to another worker, he/she should not access that case. The information should be given to the FRC management. Unresolved allegations will be referred to PAFD for investigations.



Closed Cases

Complaints or information received indicating possible fraud on closed cases in Record Library is to be referred to the Fraud Hotline.



Investigations Information

When a questionable situation arises, and the worker is unsure whether a fraud referral is warranted, the worker should consult with his/her supervisor. The EFD/P Investigator assigned to the FRC may be contacted when it involves an EFD/P referral. For issues on Full Field referrals, the Full Field Supervisor who is the liaison for their FRC may be contacted.