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Replacement of Food

Replacement of Food due to a Household Misfortune







Replacement of Food due to a Household Misfortune


Household (owns their own home) states their refrigerator stopped working and the part needed had to be ordered from Canada.  The household lost the food contents of the refrigerator due to this incident. Is this considered a “household misfortune”?


Although there is no specific definition to the term “household misfortune,” MPP section 63-603.113 states that food purchased with CalFresh benefits can be received by the household through a replacement issuance. This regulation in general, indicates that replacement benefits are a one-time occurrence.  This scenario constitutes a household misfortune; therefore, the household is eligible to replace the food that was lost due to the refrigerators not working. 


All of the household’s “dry goods” were destroyed by insects. Does this scenario fall under the definition of “household misfortune”?


This scenario would generally not fall under the definition of “household misfortune” because it is considered a preventable circumstance and one that happens periodically to other households.  However, the determination is the county’s based on the given circumstances of the case.  Whatever the determination made by the county, the case record should be documented.

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