63-003 Case Flow Procedures Between Appeals and Family Resource Centers


Table of Contents
Initial Procedures
Time Constraints
FRC Responsibilities
FRC Procedures
Case Review Deadlines
Ongoing Communication with the Household/Hearing Pending
Ongoing Communication with Appeals/Hearing Pending



Initial Procedures

When the Appeals Section receives a request for a hearing the case identifying information is cleared and the State Hearing number, issue and other pertinent information is entered in the Hearing Subsystem in CalWIN.


A list of cases that have requested a hearing is sent weekly to the Family Resource Center (FRC) manager(s) and Appeals Liaison.




Time Constraints

Due to time limits imposed by law, it is imperative that all activities relating to State hearings be given immediate attention. Hearings cannot be postponed because more time is needed to prepare the Countys position.




FRC Responsibilities

The current FRC of record is responsible for required activities in connection with state hearings, even when the matters requiring attention were partially or wholly performed in another FRC.


If the case is closed, the last FRC of record where the case was last assigned is responsible.




FRC Procedures


Upon receiving the list of appealed cases notification from Appeals, the FRC will conduct a case review to ensure actions have been taken in accordance with regulations.


If it is determined that the action(s) taken was/were incorrect and cannot be supported in a state fair hearing, the FRC will:


         Rescind the action;

         Attempt to contact the household to explain the rescission and advise if any further action is required by the household;

         Narrate in Case Comments findings from the case review, all case actions taken and all contact with the household; and

         Inform Appeals via the Case Review Sheet of the case review findings and what corrective actions, if any have or will be taken to resolve the issue.




Case Review Deadlines

Cases will be reviewed by the FRC as soon as possible, but no later than ten (10) days from the date of receipt of the weekly Appealed Case Listing.




Ongoing Communication with the Household/

Hearing Pending

It is the policy of HHSA to resolve issues under appeal at the lowest possible level within the parameters of the regulations and policy.


Even after a hearing is scheduled, staff should continue communication with the household and make every effort to correct inadvertent errors, to obtain clarifying information and to resolve eligibility questions and issues in compliance with this policy.


However, FRC staff should be aware that when households designate someone to represent them, staff shall deal primarily with the authorized representative (AR) in matters pertaining to the state hearing.


If there are any questions in this regard, FRC staff should contact the Appeals Representative.




Ongoing Communication with Appeals/

Hearing Pending

Once the appeal process has started, it is important that FRC staff remain in communication with the Appeals Section regarding any further case actions that affect the issues under appeal.

It is the responsibility of the FRC to furnish the Appeals Section with clarifying information, whenever requested, both during the investigation and preparation for a state hearing, and after the hearing.