February 27, 2012



CalWORKs Program Guide Letter No.  257





Effective Date

February 27, 2012



 CalWORKs Program Guide (CPG):

·   10-200 A. Refugee Employment Services 

·    69-205 A. Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA) 




The purpose of this CalWORKs Program Guide Letter is to provide staff clarification and guidance regarding Refugee Employment Services.



Refugee Employment Services are intended for all persons who meet the definition of refugees as described in CPG section 10-200.  Although the referral process differs for CalWORKs and non-CalWORKs participants, this CPG Letter clarifies that Welfare-to-Work (WTW)/Refugee Employment Services (RES) contractors shall provide services to all refugees, including single refugees and refugee couples who do not receive CalWORKs assistance.


CalWORKs participants may be eligible to receive supportive services, such as paid childcare, while those who are not in CalWORKs cannot access these benefits.  Apart from these distinctions, RES services are identical for both groups. 


In addition to regular case management services provided under the WTW program, contractors shall also provide the additional enhanced case management services listed in CPG 10-200, Enhancements to WTW Case Management Services, as appropriate.


Summary of Updates

CPG Section 10-200 A. Refugee Employment Services has been updated and will be uploaded to the online CalWORKs Program Guide at http://hhsa-pg.sdcounty.ca.gov :


Changes to the CPG are noted with highlighted text :


CPG Section


Program Updates/Changes



WTW/RES was added throughout Chapter



Clarified that the WTW/RES Contractors shall provide services to all refugees, including single refugees and refugee couples who do not receive CalWORKs assistance.


Refugee Employment Services Overview

Clarified that eligible participants are:

·         16 years of age or older, and

·         Are not full-time students in elementary or secondary school.


Referrals for RES


Added new section explaining the referral process.


Program Administration

Added Refugee Coordinator’s primary objectives.


Documentation Requirements

Clarified that ECM shall review immigrant status in CalWIN and DoReS. ECMs shall verify and maintain documentation of status for non-CWs RES participants.


Refugee Forms

Added required State Refugee forms and listed County WTW forms by number.


Note:  Additional instructions regarding Imaging and Imaging templates will be issued shortly.



Priority in Provision of Services

Added new #1. Priority in Provision of Services – Newly-arriving Refugees



Enhancements to WTW Case Management Services

Clarified Transportation, Housing and Other enhancements



Family Self Sufficiency Plan

Clarified use of Family Self-Sufficiency Plan (FSSP), including that the FSSP shall:

·         Contain an employment goal targeting job placement within one year,

·         Be developed using the self-Sufficiency Income Chart, and

Meet other specific requirements


RCA Participants

Added link to CPG section 65-205





Automation Impact



Medi-Cal/GR Program Impact



CalFresh Program Impact



Imaging Impact

The RS 1, RS 3 and RS 3A will be uploaded to the Xerox printcenter and available for use.  WTW contractors will maintain the RS forms in their current case files for now.  Imaging and template instructions will be issued shortly in the coming weeks.


Access Impact

ACCESS Customer Service Agents shall refer Refugee Employment Services Inquiries to the correct WTW/RES contractor.


Appeals Impact

WTW participants appeal issues to (and are heard by) the State CDSS under the umbrella of the CalWORKs Program or CalWORKs/ Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA).


Operations Impact



Quality Assurance Impact

Quality Assurance will cite the appropriate error when the regulations listed in this material have not been followed.


Assistant Deputy Director


Sylvia Melena

Assistant Deputy Director

Self sufficiency Program

Strategic Planning & Operational Support


Manager Contact

CalWORKs Program