September 7, 2011






Client Request for Information


Effective Date

September 7, 2011



MPP Chapter 19-000 Confidentiality of Records; All County Information Notice (ACIN) No. I-97-10; All County Letter (ACL) No. 09-50; ACL No. 07-29 and CDSS Manual Letter No. CFC-10-02.



The purpose of this CalWORKs Program Guide Letter is to provide staff clarification and guidance regarding client requests for information.



With CalWIN implementation and conversion to case documents stored and retrieved electronically in HHSA, we no longer have paper case files to present when a client/agency requests to review a case. 


CalWORKs Program Guide (CPG) is being updated to reflect the transition to electronic case files and to provide staff more direction regarding handling requests for review of CalWIN case records.


Summary of Updates

CPG Section 19-000 D. Client Request for Information has been modified and uploaded to the online CalWORKs Program Guide.


Changes to the CPG are noted with highlighted text :


CPG Section


Program Updates/Changes

19-000 D

Table of Contents

Added Table of Contents.


Client Request for Information

Added reference:

·        To the Document Retrieval System (DoReS) and to screens in CalWIN



Information Provided by Third Party

·        Expanded listing



Inspection of Case Record in CalWIN



·        Added new procedures for referring clients requesting to review their entire case.

·        Revised worker responsibilities and actions in CalWIN.



Information That Can Only be Released to the Subject

Added new section.


Information Which Cannot be Released to the Client

·        Outlined the types of records which shall not be allowed to be reviewed.


Automation Impact

There is no impact to Automation.


Medi-Cal/GR Program Impact

HSSs working on Medi-Cal issues should see Medi-Cal Program Guide (MPG) Article 2, Section 1, Item 5 for information regarding the release of information to applicants/beneficiaries.  General Relief (GR) workers should see GRPG 90-050.3.J.


CalFresh Program Impact

Relevant sections of CalFresh Program Guide Chapter 63-350 are in the process of being updated and will be released shortly.


Forms/Imaging Impact

There is no impact to Forms or Imaging.


Access Impact

ACCESS Customer Service Agents shall, upon request from a client or the Authorized Representative to review a case file, forward the request to the appropriate Regional Support Program Specialist.


Appeals Impact

Due to the nature of an appeal and the claimant’s right to receive due process, the requirement for full disclosure in advance of a State Fair Hearing may require Appeals to provide the claimant, and/or his/her authorized representative, documents not normally provided under a typical request by a client for case information.  Appeals will review these requests in regard to a State Fair Hearing on a case by case situation.


Operations Impact

CalWIN Case Reviews, outside of those related to the State Hearing Process, have been centralized with Regional Support staff. 


Quality Assurance Impact

Quality Assurance will cite the appropriate error when the regulations listed in this material have not been followed.


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