E. Maximum Aid Payment (MAP) level and MAP Restriction


To be an exempt assistance unit (AU), the parent/caretaker relative must be one of the following:


Parent/caretaker relative

Each parent, aided stepparent, and/or caretaker relative of a child who lives in the home of the aided child; or

Aided parent of an unaided child

Each parent receiving aid because of an unaided excluded child (i.e., SSI child, a child who receives Foster Care, etc.); or

Pregnant woman only

The pregnant woman in the AU consisting of the woman only.NOTE: A pregnant woman is not considered a parent based on pregnancy alone.The father of the unborn living in the home is not considered when determining if the AU of one is exempt or not; or


Each adult in a Refugee Cash Assistance AU.

Exempt MAPS

Effective January 1, 1998, the following exemptions have been eliminated for purposes of establishing eligibility for Exempt (higher) MAP status.

       Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI, Retirement and Survivors Disability Insurance, Old Age Survivors Disability Insurance) benefits;


       Cases which have incapacity as the basis of deprivation;


       Cases which are exempt from Work-First activities due to incapacity;


       Cases which are Work-First exempt due to the caretakerís need to care for another individual in the AU; and


       Students under age 19 who are enrolled in a program that will lead to a high school diploma or its equivalent.


Only cases in which each of the parents (including minor parents)/caretaker relatives in the AU is disabled and receiving one of the following are eligible to the higher exempt MAP amounts.



      In Home Support Services (IHSS)

      State Disability Insurance (SDI)

      Temporary Workers Compensation (TWC)

      Temporary Disability Indemnity (TDI); or

      Is a non-parent caretaker who is not included in the AU.

Review of AU Exemption Status

Human Services Specialists (HSSs) are to review AU exemption status at the following times:


    When processing the quarterly report (QR7);


    At application or when adding a person; and


    When a parent or caretaker relative requests a review of the AU status or reports a change applicable of the AU status.


NOTE: A request for review must be processed within 16 calendar days from the date the information is received.

When to Determine Exempt AU Status

HSSs will consider an AU exempt when, on or after application for CalWORKs, the AU meets the rules, and when the AU meets all other eligibility requirements.If exempt status results from a request for review by the AU, the AU will not be considered an exempt AU for any month prior to the month of the request for review.


Foster Care Non-CalWORKs Payments (County Treasurer Funds)

The Childrenís Services Bureau can initiate Non-CalWORKs Payments for needs not met through Foster Care.Payment authorization is submitted by the Social Worker on form 04-130 HHSA.Payment issuance will be processed through the Foster Care Unit.