D. Amount of Aid

Monthly Aid Payment System (MAPS)


As a result of the monthly aid payment system pilot project, recipients receive all cash aid to which they are entitled on the first of each month.Only recipients who specifically request the two-payment system (non-MAPS) will receive two payments in a month.A Family Resource Center (FRC) Manager must approve a recipientís request.

Conversion from MAPS to Non-MAPS

If a recipient requests the two-payment system, HSSs are to ask the reason the request is made.It is county policy to encourage participation in MAPS.If the recipient wants to receive two payments, HSSs will complete the MAPS Project: Client Request Form (07-222 DSS) for approval by the FRC manager.NOTE:Conversions to MAPS/Non-MAPS cannot be processed after Fiscal month end.

Conversions from Non-MAPS to MAPS

When a recipient requests MAPS, a narrative entry should be made.No approval is required for conversion from non-MAPS to MAPS.

Minimum Total Grant $10

A payment will not be authorized when the total monthly grant is less than $10.When the grant is less than $10 but more than $0 the case will not receive a payment, but will be considered a cash case for all other purposes.Grant entitlements of less than $10 are not a basis for denial or discontinuance.An entitlement of less than $10 cannot be used to offset an overpayment.When a recipient receives a grant of $10 or more, and it is later determined the correct entitlement was less than $10, the entire amount is an overpayment.

Zero Basic Grant

An AU is considered to have received a cash aid payment even when:

        The payment is not sent due to a penalty which reduced the payment to zero; or

        The grant amount is $10 or less; or

        The grant amount for the AU is reduced to zero to adjust for a prior overpayment; or

        The grant based On-The-Job-Training is diverted to the employer as a wage subsidy to offset the participantís wages.