J. Unrelated Adult Contribution

Unrelated Adult Contribution

An unrelated adult is defined as a person who is age 18, or older, who is not related by blood or marriage to any member of the family. This definition applies to both the male and female unrelated adult.


Required Contribution


(See the ďResponsible RelativeĒ section) for the requirement of when an unrelated adult male (UAM) must make a contribution to the CalWORKs family. The unrelated adult female is not required to make a contribution.


Net Income Contribution


The net income to the assistance unit (AU) from an unrelated adult is the sum of:

           Cash given to the AU for the specific purpose of meeting need items of the AU; and

           The value of full items of need provided in-kind to the AU.


An item is not considered to be provided in-kind to the AU if the AU is receiving this full item of need in exchange for the AU providing the unrelated adult with a different need (i.e., when the UAM and aided mother agree that he will pay the rent if she pays for food and utilities, the AU is not receiving in-kind income for housing).

Excluded Cash Contribution

Disregard cash given to the AU by the UAM when it is designated for:


           Non-need items (i.e., money for transportation, movies, etc) of the AU or others; or

           Meeting the needs or expenses of the UAM, the UAMís children, or other person in the home that the UAM is supporting; or

           The UAMís share of living expenses as agreed to between the UAM and the CalWORKs parent; or

           Any other amount the UAM states is not available to the AU.


These exclusions apply regardless of the amount of cash involved.


NOTE: If the UAM and recipient have a joint bank account, all money in the account is an available resource to the recipient. If the funds exceed the resource limits, ineligibility occurs.

Pooled Income

When the income of the UAM is pooled, the UAMís income is treated as net cash given to the AU.