P. Reading the IEVS Report


SSN Verification Process

Part of the IEVS process includes validating the SSN, Birthdate and Name.  The validation information prints back on the IEVS abstract in the SSN-VER code field.  This same information is available by viewing the MEDS on-line IEVS screens.


There are five SSN-VER codes:


J - Validate SSN match with SSA files.  An IEVS with this code can be used to verify a Social Security Number for all programs.

W - SSN not verified, DOB is different by more than one year.

Y - SSN not validated, Name or SSN does not match SSA files, DOB not checked.

Z - SSN not validated, SSN is not known in SSA files.

* - Transposed SSN validated.


One of the features of IEVS validation is that if a match is not found for the SSN, the system attempts to find the correct SSN By transposing numbers in an effort to find a match.  If a match is found, the correct SSN is posted to the VERIFIED SSN: field and the * is posted to the SSN-VER code field.



FTB has SSN but not for given name - Take the following steps:






Review the case record for other names the applicant/recipient may have used.


Ask the applicant/recipient for other last names they may have used.


Enter the most likely AKA’s on the document to try to get an IEVS match.


Send applicant/recipient to SSA.


BDLM Entries

The following entries are to be made on the BDLM PDT1 screen (See the TUG manual for specific information on accessing these screens).


Person number - “75”.  Persons numbers 76 through 79 are used if more than one alias is entered.  (NOTE:  Only one “Social Security Alias” per person may be entered.)


Name - The name on the Social Security Card or potential AKA.


Social Security Number - Enter a “5” in the first six positions of the field. “1” in the seventh position.  The person number for whom the alias is being recorded in the eight and ninth positions.


Ethnic Code - Enter the appropriate ethnic code.


Zero Interest

Financial institutions may report zero interest on an interest bearing account for the following reasons:


·  Interest may be deferred on certain accounts until a later date.

·  Certain stocks pay interest only once a year or when they mature.

·  Institutions may be late in reporting interest amounts to FTB.


No Payor Address Record

This message will also list a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN).  Contact the OSU FEIN Clerk who will identify the name and address of the institution.