B. Availability of Income



State regulations require that all reasonably anticipated income be considered available to meet the needs of the assistance unit (AU) during the Quarterly Report (QR) Payment Quarter and shall be considered when determining eligibility and grant amount, except:


Type of Income



which is received on a regular basis, but less frequently than monthly, is to be apportioned equally over the number of months it has accrued beginning with the month after receipt.


income an employee receives under an annual contract of employment is to be apportioned equally over the period of the contract beginning with the first month of the contract when he/she works and receives income from such contract in fewer than 12 months, but more than 8 months.

Child Support

Child support collected by the county is not considered available income.

Monthly Recurring Unearned Governmental Benefits

Monthly benefits (e.g., Social Security benefits, or Veterans benefits, etc.) shall be considered to be available in the month the payment is reasonably anticipated to be received or is intended for, when the income meets the following criteria:

  The receipt date of the income varies because mailing cycles cause two payments to be received in one month and none in the preceding or following month;

  The source of income is a governmental benefit program; and

  The income is unearned and recurring.