C. Unrelated Adult Male (UAM)     





State regulations require that when an unrelated adult male (UAM), other that a bona fide lodger, roomer or boarder, resides with a CalWORKs family, he is required to make a financial contribution to the assistance unit which is not less than it would cost him to provide himself with an “independent living arrangement” (ILA).


Definition of UAM


A UAM is a person 18 years, or older, and not related by blood or marriage to any member of the CalWORKs family or to the unaided unborn of a woman, living in the home.


UAM Statement



The UAM must provide a HHSA Form CW 71 - Statement of Cash Aid Mother and Unrelated Adult Male (UAM) - outlining his ILA. The ILA cost must be the sum of the CalWORKs in-kind income values of a one-person household for housing, utilities and food.


Refusal to Cooperate in the Submittal of CW 71



·        If the UAM refuses to complete HHSA Form CW-71, the mother is required to sign and submit the form (HHSA Form CW 71 - Statement of Cash Aid Mother and Unrelated Adult Male).

·        If the mother fails to cooperate in the submittal of the CW 71, she is considered to be withholding information essential for the determination of eligibility.


Definition of Bona Fide Lodger, Roomer or Boarder



A mother living with a UAM that is a bona fide lodger, roomer or boarder must provide a written statement to this effect that is supported by evidence, such as:


·        Evidence that income from the lodger, roomer, or boarder is

    reported for income tax purposes, or

·        Possession of a license to operate a rooming house, or

·        Evidence that living quarters are furnished separate and apart  from that occupied by the CalWORKs family, or

·        Receipts that indicate payment of room rent or room and board.