B. Responsibility for Child Support


State regulations require that the county determine financial responsibility of relatives in the CalWORKs program.

Parental Responsibility

All parents, regardless of their age or their marital status, are responsible to the extent of their ability, for the support and care of their children, whether they are natural or adopted, (including minor parents).

This responsibility continues even when:

        the parent is not living with the child, or

        the marriage of the parents has been legally dissolved, or

        the parents were never married, or

        the children are removed from the parentís physical custody due to court order.


Parental responsibility ceases when:


        a relinquishment for adoption is in effect, or

        the court has terminated parental rights, or

        the child is a minor parent who is married and living with his/her spouse.

Parents of Minor Parents

Parents of minor parents are legally required to provide support to the extent that they are capable of making. These resources must be explored to determine CalWORKs eligibility. However, parents are not financially liable for their grandchildren.

Aid to unwed minor parents will be denied or discontinued if he/she refuses to provide necessary information regarding the senior parent(s).


Absent Parents

Contributions from the absent parent(s) are considered resources available for support of a child. Both parents, to the extent of their ability are legally responsible for the support of their child (ren).

Unmarried Parents

The unmarried parent is responsible for the support of his/her child (ren), including an unborn child.


A stepparent (including the California domestic partner of a parent) is responsible for the support of:


        his/her children from another relationship living outside the

††††† home,

        his/her children, biological or adopted, living in the home and

        his/her spouse,


The stepparentís income, after allowable deductions, is deemed available to aided stepchildren living in the home. (See Income section)


Aid will be denied or discontinued due to:


           failure of the parent to cooperate with obtaining income information regarding his/her spouse, or

           failure of a stepparent to provide information necessary for the determination of eligibility of his/her stepchild(ren).