A. Age Requirements



A child meets the age requirement for CalWORKs until his/her 18th birthday. Existing policy requires staff must review cases for continuing eligibility when the assistance unit (AU) member turns 18.

Continuing Eligibility

A child who is 18 may be eligible if he/she is a full-time student (as defined by the school) in high school, or in a vocational or technical training program and:


  Is expected to finish school/program before reaching 19 years old, or

  Have been or are considered disabled, and meet the disability criteria pursuant to the CalWORKs regulations.

Ineligible 18 Year Olds

An 18 year old child becomes ineligible when the child:


  Graduates or completes the requirements for graduation from high school; or

  Completes the training program; or

  Drops out of high school or training and does not enter a high school or training program that meets the above conditions; or

  Will not graduate before turning 19 and there is no mental or physical disability condition; or

  Becomes 19 years of age.

Acceptable School and Training Programs

  High School - Includes high schools, adult high schools and GED course work sponsored by a local high school or community college; or

  Vocational/Technical - Includes business schools, cosmetology schools, vocational programs offered through the junior college system (as long as the program does not lead to a college degree), and Job Corps.


Technical school is one that provides instruction in the practical industrial, mechanical arts, or applied sciences.


Vocational school is one that provides instruction intended to prepare the individual for a career, trade, or occupation. Correspondence course work does not meet this requirement.