E. Unemployment Deprivation Status Exceptions   


Change in Deprivation

When the absent parent returns to the home and the child’s deprivation changes to unemployment the principal wage earner (PWE) is to be identified, and U-Parent deprivation must be evaluated to determine continuing eligibility for the family.  If the family is not eligible for unemployed parent (U-Parent) deprivation, and there is no other basis for deprivation, the case must be discontinued with timely notice.


Ineligibility Due to Offer of Employment


CalWORKs will be denied when the U-Parent is fully employed (100 hours or more) in the month of application.



An AU is ineligible for CalWORKs, regardless of the basis for deprivation, when either parent in the home is on strike as of the last day of the month.


NOTE: The only exception is when the strike has been determined by the Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) to be for the correction of health and safety hazards or abnormally dangerous working conditions



The self-employed applicant is fully employed when working 100 hours or more per month.  The 100 hours includes the time utilized for:


·  Contracting for jobs; and/or,

·  Making a product to be sold; and/or,

·  Travel time to and from a job site.