G. Evidence of Continued Absence †††††††

Continued Absence Evidence

The written statement of the applicant/recipient on the application and the child support forms are considered sufficient evidence of the other parents continued absence.

Absence Deprivation Conditions Requiring Further HSS Action

When any of the following conditions exist, the Human Services Specialist (HSS) with Supervising HSS concurrence, is required to further investigate eligibility based on continued absence:


  Verbal or written information provided by the applicant/recipient is contradictory, incomplete or is not consistent; or


  Information provided by the applicant/recipient or others, including information in the previous case file, leads to a reasonable doubt that continued absence exists; or


  Past history of non-compliance with the Local Child Support Agency (LCSA); or


   Previous referrals to the Public Assistance Fraud investigators (PAF) regarding the applicant/recipients continued eligibility or grant amount.

Required Investigation Situations

Situations which may require further investigation include, but are not limited to:


  The parents are divorced or separated and live in close proximity to each other, or


  The Absent Parent (AP) has daily contact with the children, or


  The parents retain a joint bank account, or


  The Custodial Parentís (CP) expenses equal or exceed the assistance unitís (AU) total income including CalWORKs, or


  The CP states that the family has had no income in the four week period before the date of application, or


  The CP reports the AP left the home, after the CP learned no eligibility existed for the intact family, or


  The AU has had frequent address changes (three or more in the last six months), or


  The CP was previously excluded or is currently excluded from the AU due to failure to cooperate with any eligibility factor.

Investigative Actions

When any of the above factors or other information cause the HSS to doubt the continued absence of the AP, the HSS shouldreview and takeone or more of the following actions as appropriate:


  Make a referral to PAF; and/or


  Require a third party collateral statement verifying the absence of the AP (i.e.,verification of incarceration); and/or


  Require the CP to provide an additional sworn statement describing the situation in more detail that the information provided on the application; and/or


  Obtain a release of information from the applicant/recipient to verify the composition of the AU with the landlord.