B. Deprivation Due To Death

Deprivation Due to Death


Deprivation due to death is determined to exist if either parent of an eligible child or SSI/SSP child is deceased.

Child Support Referrals

If one or both of the childís parents is deceased, the AU would not be subject to child support enforcement activities as there is no absent parent from which child support may be collected

Verification of Death

When establishing a basis of deprivation based on the claim of a deceased parent, the case file must contain acceptable verification of the death of the parent, which includes one of the following:


  A copy of the death certificate.

  An award letter from the Social Security Administration based on the death of the parent.

  A newspaper account of the parent's death.

  Other reliable documentation.

  The applicant/recipientís sworn statement under penalty of perjury when no other evidence can be obtained.


When it is necessary to assist the applicant/recipient in obtaining evidence, (if the needed evidence of eligibility may already be in the possession of the Agency), the HSS must first retrieve and examine those existing eligibility case files which are in the possession of the

County or its agents.




Verification Responsibility

It is the applicant/recipients responsibility to provide acceptable verification. If verification of death is not available, the HSS shall evaluate for deprivation based on absence