N. Continuing Benefits When CalWORKs Ceases


State regulations require that whenever eligibility to CalWORKs, Refugee Cash Assistance (RCA), or Cuban Haitian Entrant Program (CHEP) ceases, members of the Assistance Units (AU) may be eligible to continuing Medi-Cal and/or Transitional Food Stamp (TFS) benefits.

Continuing Medi-Cal

Human Services Specialists (HSSs) are responsible for evaluating all closed cash cases for continuing Medi-Cal eligibility (38 Aid). Instructions and procedures are in CPG. All cash cases with a few exceptions are converted to 38 cases by the automated system. The most common exceptions are:



  Resident of a public institution,

  Loss of California residence,

  Recipient requests a discontinuance that includes Medi-cal discontinuance, and

  Receipt of SSI/SSP.


Transfer of PAFS to Transitional Food Stamp Benefits

HSSs are responsible for evaluation of TFS eligibility when the cash case closes. If the determination indicates TFS eligibility, the HSS will follow the procedures in CPG.