The standards outlined in this section are based on certain fundamental expectations for all County employees. A signed statement confirming the employee's agreement to abide by these standards is obtained from each new employee and retained in his/her personnel folder.


Employee Guidelines

       Treat the members of the public, as well as fellow employees, fairly and honestly at all times.


       Perform your duties in compliance with state, and local laws, and avoid any activity known to be illegal, unethical, or improper.


       Conduct your official county duties in conformity with the County's policies and procedures, and in accordance with the highest standards of ethical and legal conduct.


       Use County funds and property with extreme care guided by the exercise of prudent judgment and good business practices.


       Create a work environment that promotes open and honest communications, and encourages the raising of ethical concerns without fear of retribution.


       Assume responsibility for knowing, understanding and having practical, working knowledge of the laws and regulations applicable to your job responsibilities.


Fraudulent Conduct in County Services

Integrity and fraud prevention is expected in the administration of County programs and services. There is "zero tolerance" for employee fraud. Fraud includes:


       Distortion of truth for the purpose of getting someone to part with something valuable or to give up a legal right; or


       False representation of a matter of fact, whether by words or actions, which deceives or is, intended to deceive another so that the person shall act upon it to his/her injury.


Violence in the Workplace

The County has "zero tolerance" for violent behavior. In conformance with County policy, no County employee shall engage in violent conduct, or make threats of violence, implied or actual, at a County workplace or during the course and scope of performing County duties.


Discriminate & Harassment

The County is committed to a work environment free from unlawful discrimination and harassment, including sexual, racial, religious, age, disability, or any other form of discrimination or harassment. Any form of discrimination or harassment occurring in the workplace must be reported immediately to the manager or supervisor of the unit.


Drug & Alcohol Policy

All County employees are to perform their public services safely, effectively, and efficiently without being adversely affected or impaired in any way by the use or presence of alcohol or drugs.


Improper Gratuities

It is improper to accept any gratuity such as flowers, plants, cookies, money, etc.