K.  Work Site Complaints


Work Site Complaints

Immediately upon receipt of a Work Site complaint, Regions are to notify and/or forward written copies of the complaint to the CalWORKs/Refugee Program Manager at MS W414.


Complaints may include but are not limited to:

·  Health and Safety Issues

·  Discrimination Issues

·  Unfair labor activities


The Region that developed the Work Site is responsible for:

·  Investigating the complaint

·  Maintaining a Complaint File for each agency/site for which a complaint is received.  Each complaint file must contain:

·  Documentation of the original complaint;

·  Documentation that validates or invalidates the complaint;

·  Form 27-311 HHSA – “Work Experience Complaint Investigation”; and

·  The Regions findings. 


Note: Form 27-311 must be forwarded to the CalWORKs/Refugee Program Manager at MS W414 immediately upon completion of the investigation.