D.  WEX and CSR Referrals


Table of Contents

The WEX and CSR Referrals section includes the following information:



WEX & CSV Referrals-General

Change of Activity Assignment


WEX & CSV Referrals-General

This section provides procedures for referring participants to WEX/CSR:






Refer and schedule the “GRP” activity in CalWIN.


Provide an Orientation to referred participants either as a group or individually to include:

·  Description of WEX / CSR positions available.

·  Benefits of WEX / CSR to participants

·  Recent work experience

·  Job contacts

·  Job references

·  New skills

·  Types of Work Sites and criteria used to determine placement.

·  Responsibilities of participants’

·      Arriving on time

·      Dressing appropriately

·      Completing assignments

·        Notifying ECM and Site Supervisor in the event of absence.

·  Responsibilities of Work Site Supervisors;

·      Providing meaningful work experience

·      Completing attendance reports and evaluations

·  Problem resolution

·  Review of the WEX Attendance form 27-302 HHSA

·  Instruction for completing the health history side of the Employment Screening and History, form 22-07 HHSA

·  Time for Questions and Answers.


Interview participants individually and make assignments as appropriate.  Before assigning a Site, the ECM shall:

·  Review the Employment Screening and History form 22-07 HHSA with the participant.  The review will facilitate identification of potential incompatibilities between the participant’s health and the working conditions at the Site.

·  Assure that the assignment is agreed upon by the ECM and the participant and that it meets the employment goals identified on the form 27-301 HHSA and/or 27-01 HHSA, if applicable.


Change of Activity Assignment

The participant may request a change of component assignment within three days of signing the WTW Plan.  The WTW Plan for WEX/CSR also provides that the participant has 30 days to request a change or re-assignment once the WEX/CSR assignment has begun.  The 30-day grace period shall be available only once during the participant’s enrollment in WTW.  If the re-assignment request is consistent with an assessment and granted by the ECM the WTW Plan must be revised by completing a revised a new WTW 2. 


Employment Staff may determine that a change of assignment is required.  In this scenario the ECM must:

·  Discuss the need for re-assignment with the participant.

·  Work with the participant to select a new assignment.

·  Complete a WTW 2.

·  Complete and distribute copies of the Attendance/Progress Report (27-302 HHSA).