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The CalWIN Entriessection includes the following information:



Maintain Activity Status window/Activity tab

Attendance tab

Case Comments


Maintain Activity Status window/
Activity tab

The following are required CalWIN entries:


   Enter Planned Start Date

   Enter Actual Start Date

   Enter Duration

   Enter Expected Activity Hours

   Enter Y/N for Mandatory


Update Maintain Status History:

Select the appropriate activity status by clicking the Maintain Status button.††††

   Satisfactory Progress: Entered monthly to indicate satisfactory participation and progress.

   Unsatisfactory Progress

   End-Unsatisfactory participation

   End Before expected:†† Ending of the assignment prior to the scheduled completion date.

   Non-Compliant: Stopped attending


   Completed: WEX/CSR assignment completed

   Work Experience


Reference: How To #234: Update/Maintain Employment Services Activity Status



Attendance tab

Enter the number of WEX/CSR hours completed by the participant each month (Daily, Weekly or Monthly).



Case Comments

Record detail of WEX/CSR assignment to include:

   WEX/CSR Assignment/Re-Assignment;

   Participant or Work Site problem and resolution;

   Participant request for one-time only change of assignment or three-day request for change;

   Monthly re-evaluation of participantís assigned hours;

   Completion of WEX/CSR Assignment.