B. Appeals Representative


Appeals Representative

The Appeals Representative is defined by state regulations to be an agent of the county or county welfare department (CWD). As such, the Appeals Representative is responsible for representing the county in State Hearing process.  The administrative law judge (ALJ) is an agent of the State who is responsible for conducting the hearing and ensuring that an applicant/recipient (aka: claimant) who has filed an appeal receives an impartial hearing and fair decision.


Appeal Representative Responsibility

General Responsibility:


·  Review of the case and applicable state and county regulations, and assist the applicant/recipient (aka: claimant) in the appeal process.

·  Presentation of the County’s position during the hearing and ensuring compliance with State hearing decisions.

·  Inform claimants of their rights under the appeals process, including the right to:


o   Receive adequate timely notice;

o   Legal representation;

o   Present evidence and/or witnesses in support of their position;

o   Cross examine County witnesses; and

o   Ask pertinent questions of the Appeal Representative regarding the County’s position.